• Maike

Near our farm

After my friend Lara and I had spent the night at the field of watermelons, one of the farm workers asked us to come see his family. We took a 30min walk and were welcomed by this Masai family. Its actually three families, forming a village in this very remote place. It was an honor, to be welcomed by this family, one of the most impressive moments I have ever had. I am so grateful to be able to talk to them and have a conversation. They told me that the last time that a foreigner came by was in 1968. Yes, they are in a very remote area. No tourists coming by there. The area was flooded last year, and they are looking for a way to channel the water from the river, which is far from their village. This would help their situation tremendously.

I asked them, if I could show the pictures I took and they said that whatever can help them building this channel is good for them. I am thinking of ideas how to do this and would love some ideas to share from you. When Lara and I wanted to leave, a little boy handed us a bottle of fresh milk. Later, when Lara and I had it, we said that it was the best milk we ever had.

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