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A farm near Kilimanjaro Mountain

Over 20 years ago I moved to Zanzibar. Many years have passed since then and I am so happy that I am still in close touch with my people from back then, no matter if I am on Zanzibar or in Germany. One of those people is Nteze, who lives in Arusha now and we have become business partners over the past years. Two years ago, Nteze found this land, a 10 acre farmland, very remote but not far from Kilimanjaro mountain. He called me and said that this farmland was available for lease and how great it would be to cultivate fruits and vegetables there. Why not do it together? I was in Chicago at that time, visiting my good friend Cathleen, when this came up. I liked the idea but was not really convinced as to why I should start cultivating crops near Kilimanjaro. Nteze was so fascinated by the idea, Cathleen was thrilled and started brainstorming. " All the things that could be happening there". The story is really long, but to make it short: We decided to do it together. There have been some setbacks since then, like the flood last year when we lost everything. But somehow, due to Nteze's perseverance and us not wanting to give up, we kept going. I finally went there in March 2019 and I think the best and most exciting time was one day and one night on that field of watermelons.

It was dark when we arrived,..

The next morning ...

This mosquito pop-up tent was sooo helpful

This is a part of the farmland where we will continue with our work. Right now we planted onions, which will be ready to harvest by the end of June. What I love about this project is that there are various possibilities as to what can be done with this piece of land. We are able to give people work so that they can have an income for them and their families. Moreover, we would love to give an opportunity to foreigners who would like to learn more about Tanzania or visit us. Possibly we can all move forward towards our goal of a more sustainable agriculture.. The night in that mosquito pop-up tent and falling asleep while staring at the Milky Way was unforgettable. It must be possible to let other people have that chance. I left it there for anyone to use.

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